Oct 4, 2016

F18 South Americans / BA Week 2016: Day 2 Images by Marcela Zapiola

All Images Marcela Zapiola. Day 2 with 26knots gusts peak. Saturday was clear skies and perfect winds 15knots with chop too , but excellent powerful conditions, specially downwind.
Last pic above you can see how waves and chop come from every direction, it looks flat , I will try to put the sony head cam next time to really appreciate the steep chop.
No wonder why the current Olympic Cat Gold Medal comes from Argentina if you sail & train in those conditions...

Check report in previous event post www.catsailingnews.com/2016/10/f18-south-americans-ba-week-2016-day-1-2.html , three more days of racing left next weekend.

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