Oct 3, 2016

F18: Scorpion by Exploder

F18OP, Scorpion, Exploder F18. With this new new branding for these 3 brand new Exploder F18s being delivered at Sopot, we can finally give the original 'Scorpion' name to the latest F18 design launched at Kiel 2015.
Jakub is now delivering full complete boats with his factory beams and his new developed factory mast.

More details will follow, but you can see the blue one fully equipped with selftack and Infusion style snuffer system, which in our experience is the best solution and more reliable. Click images to enlarge.
Sails: Felix Egner is offering an excellent Landenberger set deal with the boat which includes new designs for main and Spi.

So now you can buy the complete Exploder F18 package fully factory assembled with the boat ready to sail, but you can still order bare platform/hulls/foils/beams as we did here with the one racing with a C2 rig/sails. Note that Jakub will NOT customize any third party parts for you, if you want to assemble the hulls with other rig and mast you have to do it yourself.