Aug 10, 2016

Rio 2016: Multis are Back & Besson-Riou are IN

Photo: Billy Besson & Marie Riou by Laurens Morel / - Sailing history will mark Wednesday 10, 2016  as the 'Comeback Day'. We are all eager to watch the Nacra 17 Class races today, it's has been a long wait since Beijing Tornado Medal Race in 2008.

Looking in perspective and how Olympics are being starting to be thought for the new times and new generations the Nacra 17 was the best choice the tester sailors and later isaf could have selected.

The pending work for Nacra is to deliver the so awaited quality, and with foiling over the table for Tokyo 2020, is clear they need to deliver next time around.
If Olympics are the pinnacle for sailors it should be so for the equipment itself , more having to carry on the Marstrom Tornado legacy, which is the mirror any Olympic boat manufacturer should look upon to.

On the drive and innovation, kudos again to Gunnar Larsen, Peter Vink and Pete Melvin along Fer van West and all the people involved to work on a tight schedule to present the Nacra 17 at Santander.

In the ring arena they've marked a path that will be followed by force by other classes & isaf/ws, aside any other consideration, the future demands up to date Classes to keep the rhythm of constant innovation we are seeing through the new selected Olympic sports, this if so, sailing wants to remain part of this incredible sport fest.

Nick Dewhirst
The Comeback was possible to many commited sailors , specially Nick Dewhirst who sadly passed away in 2013:

I remember going nuts with the Tornado and ready to split and form a new Catsailing Federation to search our own path back to the Olympics, but Nick led the way to work from the inside he maintained the troup toghether.

Thanks Nick for your work, we owe you much this great day for Multihulls.

Billy & Marie are In
Yesterday we reported that Billy injured his back but was going to be part of the starting lineup, today Le Euipe confirms our info with Besson stating he "will give it a try".
Check his comments and a short Q&A at  translate here

Back problems and disks are a pain and sometimes gets you momentary disability, I have my own troubled disks which were finally exploded lifting a racing multi, and I can assure it's not a nice feeling.  As Billy reports you might be able to sail but not to walk plus any strange movement also onboard can freeze you badly.

The French and total favorites coming to Rio after wining 4 consecutive Nacra 17 World Titles will givce themselves a chance, I pray to the ancient Wind and Sea gods to help them in this last journey! I cannot think of any sailor fan from whichever country wishing them out of the competition.
Myself I would like to see Santi & Ceci in the podium or Vitto & Silivia but never ever to the expense of having Billy Besson & Marie Riou out.

Come on Billy!  Our thoughts are with you two, get well and show off your magic.

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