Jun 18, 2016

Paul Larsen @Medemblik 2016 A-Cat Worlds

All images courtesy of Paul Larsen took by Helena Darvelid/Sailrocket / Paul's official website: Sailrocket.com --
Last year at Punta Ala we were at the Marina with Felix to pickup the rib when I saw a couple looking for a rib too to watch the regatta, we indicated them the way to the office. Walking through  I kept thinking 'I know this guy'.
Then I realized I was walking along the fastest sailor in the World, Paul Larsen, who achieved + 65 knots with his Sail Rocket II at Namibia few years ago.

Paul couldn´t get a rib, so we left and I left him at the dock ... ? No! Of course we offered him to come with us. At Punta Ala Paul got hooked with the As, he took home an Exploder A15 and now he is at Medemblik with his new Exploder D3.

Great for the Class to have such a character and renown sailor racing at Medemblik. What continues to impress me is that almost as a rule the real top sailors, the ones achieving great things at World level are some of the most humble of the pack.

Check Paul's "Speed & Endurance Legend" interview we did in November 2013 at catsailingnews.com/2013/11/speed-endurance-legend-paul-larsen.html