Jun 19, 2016

A-Class Worlds 2016 @Medemblik: Practice Race Pics by Gordon Upton

All images Gordon Upton. Full gallery at official IACA Fb page - Tricky conditions, several starts , not much to analyze from the day with the info I have from Medemblik. It seems though Bundy bypassed finish line on a new induced superstition mode , as I do remember him winning practice races in the F18 at least, Check his comments at facebook.com/darrenbundock.
Weather forecast doesn´t look good for tomorrow: windguru.cz/es/index.php?sc=48274

First Photo and best for the day, Matías Bonomi, an experience windsurfer from BA, he also helped me out with the building of the second series of local F18s and sailed a little too in the beginning, but never got hooked like now with the As.

He entered the A-Class repairing a destroyed Dna 2013, hit by a car...! which entered our Club from the street and passed over several fences and sadly over two A-Cats.
One was total loss, which later Jakub help to replace, the other , a Dna, had a missing transom, cracked hull, and fully smashed cut rear beam, but Matto re built that trash to a good flying  A with Dna Z boards. Great work from him. We have pics on that recovery process, we'll publish some day.

Not much hours on the As still, although upwind floating he already sails like on his Formula WS board, no problem and super fast once trimmed. Currently learning handling and downwind foiling but it seems now at Medemblik with the Dna F1 he is having an accelerated learning curve as seen on  the first shot above.

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