Jun 20, 2016

A-Class Worlds 2016 @Medemblik: Day 1, Racing cancelled

Harsh weather at Medemblik today so the event might start tomorrow. Weather forecast says 5-7 knots for Tuesday windguru.cz/es/index.php?sc=48274 -
Practice Race pic gallery by Gordon Upton here.

The Scheurer Team keeps applying their own concepts and prototypes, the mods look super smooth, specially deck at lowered beams.  All pics sent by CSN special correspondent. On the weekend the Scheurer team arrived to Medemblik and the latest Aero mods for the G7 were seen for the first time.
Hidden lowered beams and a super tight Landenberger tramp by Egner with an extended a flap/spoiler a la AC72 or the F1 preview I draw back in January.

Sascha  Wallmer couldn´t make it this time to race the Worlds, but he did several sailing test together with team riders & designers Sandro and Daniel Caviezel (both will be racing) , who are the guys behind Scheurer R&D for the platform & foils. Check their latest foils launched nack in December here.
Next, DNA F1 vs Exploder Z10 pics.

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