Jun 20, 2016

A-Cat Worlds 2016 @Medemblik: Practice Race images by Jodie Bawden

All photos courtesy of Jodie Bawden - Full gallery at JNBIMAGES.CO.UK. and her Fb page -
No racing today at Medemblik, but found additional images taken yesterday by Jodie Bawden at the practice race. Further Worlds posts follow the A-Class label.

Watch first shot of PJ, this is the first time I see a Dna in fully bow downn attitude, compare with second Dna flying shot of Mehl. Of course it can be a wave transition, but in any case and from the Live racing from Punta or the thousand pics and footage I've taken at there and here of Mehl, the platform is always leveled or bow up trim every single time. Check for more foiling images from Jodie at links above.

Second image from top: Carolijn Brouwer going for the mainsheet chunk method a la Bundy's trademark. I have info on Carolijn foiling really good, remember she is a former Tornado Olympic helm and top F18 rider, she also had some hours on the As back in Australia in 2011.
Expect her to give some lessons through the week.

Third shot: Thomas Paasch on the foiling Nikita, if there is a perfect combo for a floating hull equipped with latest foils that is Nils Bunkenburg's 2001 design. Thomas is a good competitor too and I hope to see him upthere on this event.

6th shot: I assume late Murray Philpott's son Daniel, sailing with New Ashby/North decksweeper and a custom built LR6 design, raced by Murray at Punta Ala 2015.

Official web & Entry list (130 boats): acatworlds2016.nl/entries/list-of-entries/
Yesterday I was wondering where the former A-Cat World Champ and Legend Mitch Booth might be, he is currently coaching Mathias Buhler in the Nacras 17, but many of his Tornado/F18 buddies like Carolijn, Trigonis and Bundy are having a fest with the As at Medemblik, and now I see him registered in the 130th spot. That's a pic I would like to have for the archives, Mitch foiling latest A-Cat tech.

On the bow down trim It will be interesting to see in more pics and some footage of the top guys (in any brand) later when racing progress  to see if designers have targeted to emulate the ultrafast Turbo AC45s bow down trim we've shown here several times.