Mar 3, 2016

Oracle capsizes AC45 'T' training @Bermuda: Photo seq by Greenfield

Entire sequence by Sam Greenfield  / Oracle Team USA. Video only available in Fb. - the capsize came after a foiling gybe and no one was hurt . Beyond the capsize good pics to see current dagger foils being tested, which are not the hard L we've posted last weeks.  Capsize comments by Spithill:

"It was a great day for training, sunny, 15-20 knots of wind,” said skipper Jimmy Spithill. “So it was a great afternoon of sailing until we capsized.
“The boat didn’t tip over through a nose-dive, which is what normally happens, but we were just pressed over sideways.”
“It was a good test of our on-water safety procedures. Everybody is safe, it looks like we had minimal damage, but we’ll know more on that after the shore crew get a look,” Spithill said.

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