Mar 2, 2016

M32s: World Match Racing Tour Fremantle 2016: Day 1 Live Replay

All Images Ian Roman/WMRT - Full Album at - Results -
Day 1 Live Replay above. Good work done by the WRMT on having this available, it will bring more awareness and promotion for the Tour. Just like the Americas Cup guys are doing... ???

After the Tour de France a Voile, the World Match Racing Tour migrates to Multlis. As I once wrote, expect a new website in the future to be called "Monohull Racing, News & Design"...!
But are the M32s the right boats? I don´t know , as a Jib equipped Cat would bring more options and handling alternatives plus more work for the crews.  The M32s look fast boats and carry Marstrom legacy, the good and some stubbornness on some specific modern cats rig & platform/hull design.

On the non foiling is not an issue, we can´t have every Multihull racing class flying, no need for that. The F18 will remain as the Flagship for the traditional floating racing mode.

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