Mar 31, 2016

A-Class: Flyer 'Z' board Retrofit Works by Stefano Tacchi

Last year we published an article on Bob Fischer retrofitting an older Bimare with FP/F20 J board style. The change made the formerly floating A an instant foiler, but not complying with IACA racing rules.

Past seasons there have been some legal and outstanding foiling retrofits like Thomas Paasch Nikita and others. The work done by Stefano Tacchi on his own Flyer and on several other boats for other sailors like Bimare Zero or older Dna's is also a remarkable achievement, as Stefano is providing new life to these platforms without having to spend 15-20k on another set of hullls.
Here in BA a local guy is retrofitting 7 2013 Dnas to fit latest Z boards with same result. Later details on his work.

These are the benefits of the A-Class Box rules, the flyer low volume hull is a great option to transform it in a latest generation foiling A. Hats off to Stefano Tacchi for this detailed and high technical level work done on several different platforms.

Photo above Flyer with previous Dna J tip version. Now the boat his Flyer has been updated with his own designed & built Z board as seen in the  video and photo left. Stefano also participated in the Italian stop of the Red Bull Youth FP Tour.

The Bimare Zero retrofit looks factory made. If you want to retrofit your older A contact him here.
Stefano Tacchi on his devel and retrofit:
"My Z foils are made with aeronautical pre-pregs carbon in autoclave. Each foil weigh 2,100 kg .. They foiling since 8 knots of wind. I think the keys to a good foiling with current flight solutions are balance, coordination and the correct settings  between foil, rudders and sail.

All boats can be retrofitted. Some are easier to upgrade (DNA and Exploder) thanks to their structure and because of their size are more similar to new catamaran. Others, like Flyers, are more difficult to modify because they have an “older” design.
First of all it is primordial to design our retrofit in order to have a very precise measurements.
It critical for a good upgrade.
Moreover it’s important to reinforce specific hull structural sections that support great stress and high loads on the new foiling modes. I use vacuum-sealed carbon fiber for all my laminates."