Feb 22, 2016

MOD70 Phaedo 3 @ RORC Caribbean 600

MOD70 Phaedo 3, keeps racing every possible regatta they can attend, incredible campiagn and logistics for the team. Second photo shows a second MOD70, a Gunboat and 4th Cat I cannot identfy but has some smooth lines. Pity there is no G4 this time around racing & flying in the Caribbean this season. RORC 600 official web at caribbean600.rorc.org . Fleet tracking available here ///  Images & text below sent by Rachel Jasperen :
" As the first afternoon of the RORC Caribbean 600 closes in.. Lloyd Thornburg and crew of Team Phaedo^3 are still holding onto the lead on the water. They had a great start in the multihull division and soon passed all of the other competitors to be the first boat around the North Sails Mark off Barbuda, and are currently holding onto their lead alongside the island of St Kitts"

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