Feb 22, 2016

AC45 Series 2016 first stop: Oman, February 27-28

2016 AC45 series will start next weekend at Oman 27-28 February. Above preview clip with nice footage form last cup, including TNZ tremendous pitch & save. That pitch scenario is still possible, the AC45 have shown great recovery in flaoting mode so they might 'survive' such a hard pitch, on the AC50s, the only hull I've seen is the Oracle model testing aero drag, volume looks smaller but not that tiny. The new aero oriented A-Class hulls designed by Dna will interesting to follow as they will need to perform in 5 knots too.
Remember last Cup was almost defined in 5knots flaoting conditions where TNZ was destrying Oracle in light winds, but they were short of the limit time to take the Cup back to New Zealand.

 Left point system towards Louis Vuitton & AC Finals. Click image to enlarge.
Core data is that ACWS Series winner has 2pt bonus ahead of the LV Qualifiers. Top 4 will race for Semis, winner will face Oracle.

Current ACWS Standings:
Emiraties Team New Zealand 122pts
Oracle Team USA 112pts
Land Rover BAR 109pts
Artemis Racing 105pts
Softbank Team Japan 100pts
Groupama Team France 82pts