Jan 29, 2016

Martinique Cata Raid 2016, Stage 4 by Contin

All Images Pierrick Contin / Martinique Cata Raid - Full Album at martiniquecataraid.com/ - Pierrick is  showing us a new Paradise to race F18. Martinique will become a Classic like St Barts? If so it will be Contin's great images to make people wanting to race this event.

Boulogne Bros lead with their Cirrus R , F18 Results Here
Results Page http://martiniquecataraid.com/fr/La_course-Classements/

In the small F16 Le Chapelier-Constance are first , but in the overall they are 4th (34 F18s racing)  with 8:42 with the Bimare F16 and 1D Sails from Marton Balazs.