Jan 14, 2016

F20 Solo Flight

Photo sent by Fede Reim. The guys went out on pretty ligth day, so they decided to give the beast a solo ride. Double handed the F20 can fly in around 6knots as we showed in the early 2015 Clinics made here in BA with Fer van West. But flying it solo it has a special feeling. Even sailing the H16 or F18 single handed is a blast.

Needless to say a thing about the A, but with this shot I wanted to show how cats are lowering the wind range where we can have fun. The As are now foiling in 6-7 knots downwind.
But not everyone has the resources to buy an A or F20/FP thus I think new recreational foiling cats must aim to match their early flight range to have a broader market.

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