Jan 14, 2016

F18 Croatia looking to expand the local Fleet

All Images: F18 CRO. -- Having such a coastline and not much known mutilhull sailing or racing is a 'sin'. But a group of local Croatian sailors are working hard for changing the view.

They recently formed the Croatian F18 Association, and now a due Cat fleet will sail & race their privileged waters & scenery. Beyond the known beauty of its coasts  and pics posted here, last year two fellow catsailors did a bike trip in Europe and they told me Croatians coast  was the best sight of the journey.

F18 CRO Gral Sec, Draško Andrić,  comments: "All photos are from Murter island surroundings, This is paradise for sailing you would (will) love it. We have few spots where we sail, and our coastal line is very developed with more than 500 NM.  Island of Pag, Island of Murter , Pakoštane and Primošten are our main spots for sailing and the F18 base is within DSR Adria Sport at Murter island
You are more than welcome to come join us for some "working" holidays , Main season starts in May"

Past weeks I told some IF18CA  officials about the need to focus on special venues in years to come. So after visiting the "End of the World" at Buenos Aires this 2016, we must return to Punta Ala for a Worlds , and with this new formed fleet the Class just got a new hot destination in Europe.

After the Worlds to be held in Sarasota in 2018, the Class will return to Europe. I proposed to re visit Punta Ala, and now an obligated visit our Croatian F18 friends it's a 'mandatory' task for the IF18CA, to  promote the Class in new grounds and help to grow the local fleet, which is looking to expand  nr of F18s. I see the banner already "Murter Island F18 Worlds 2020"...

If you are willing to sell your boat to renew , give Drasko a call, contact them at facebook.com/F18cro.

Below video from Murter Island & location of local club DSR Adria Sport