Jan 8, 2016

A-Class Australian Nats 2016: Steve Brewin Champ

All Images Beau Outteridge Productions - Full gallery at his FB page.  Clear skies and light winds conditions at Lake Macquire after a tough week of rain and storms. The organization could put together 7 races in the end with one discard. Steve Brewin scored 4 bullets, two 2nd  & a 3rd to win by 13pts over Adam Beattie with 21pts overall.
Excellent number of boats for the Class , with 47 A-cats were present at South Lake Macquaire Amateur Club.
Returning 'Rookie' Darren Bundock closed the event with a bullet himself. So happy for Bundy after pushing him to experience the new A-Cat foiling mode from the racing he did back in 2011.

Bundy was close already in the first races, showing his talent remains intact even without much training on new flying techniques. Finishing with a win over Brewin, & Nathan Outteridge in the last race puts his possibilities in perspective for next Worlds at Medemblik.

From Brewin not much to say, as he continues to dominate his home waters against the most competitive local fleet  in the World. At Punta Ala he didn´t wanted to talk much on the new  decksweeper sails, but of course he told me he would work on the new design once back home.

And he did a pretty good job it seems as he even removed the boom for his own design, which after the event results is showing no drawbacks for the moment. Most of the top riders were racing his Brewin deckseeper, Bundy included.

Another sailor returning to the As was Nathan Outteridge, I think last regatta for him was Takapuna Worlds 2014.  He had a dnc and dnf yesterday in the high breeze, and also some issues in the first race. The rest he scored  3,5,1 &3 in the last one, completing a good comeback for him. As Brewin & Bundy he sailed an Exploder platform, sail though was Felix new Landenberger Decksweeper with boom setup.  I hope Nathan can attend Medemblik along his Aussie mates Brewin, Ashby, Bundock and the rest of top local top guns.

Regarding equipment, the Exploder camp had a fest at Lake Macquire, with several combos for the top guys including different foils & sails combos. This will provide the team riders and Jakub great feedback for the incoming European season that will peak at Medemblik Worlds in July.
In the meantime Dna will release their new Stealth soon.

No pics were available in the week , but gladly Beau Outteridge was there the final day, he shot an excellente set of photos. Full gallery at Beau Outteridge Productions FB

Top ten below. Full results not officially published yet.- Official web Here
Image of the pdf can be found at the Australian Assoc FB

Pos Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Tot
1 Steve Brewin 1 1 1 (3) 2 1 2 8
2 Adam Beattie (10) 7 3 1 3 2 5 21
4 Darren Bundock 5 5 2 6 8 (dnf) 1 27
3 Matt Homan 4 4 (6 5 4 6 4 27
5 David Brewer 2 2 7 9 11 5 (15) 36
6 Stephen Brayshaw (15) 9 8 3 7 3 7 37
7 Scott Anderson 6 11 10 (dnc) 5 10 6 48
8 Stuart Scott 9 8 9 (27) 6 11 10 53
9 James Wierzbowski 7 10 13 4 9 12 (dnf) 55
10 Dave McKenzie 14 (15 15 7 14 7 13 70
11 Nathan Outteridge 12 3 5 dnc 1 (dnf) 3 73