Jan 7, 2016

Masters of the RC: Foiling Mini 40s Trimarans (II)

All images, videos & repots sent by Ian Holt. - Ian and his buddies are having a blast with these Mini 40s foiling Trimarans. They experiment and test to found out the best solutions having fun and learning plenty in the process.
I published some of their previous work at catsailingnews.com/2015/04/40-mini-foiling-tris.html

He continues to develop, and I'm glad he finds the info we publish here as source for his new solutions, as the outwards foiler sent once by Soder.  I told him to try the X Wing concept too, on a Tri it might be the solution for a self stabiling system and it will allow him to maintain dimensions within the Mini 40s box rules.

Ian on his latest work: " Hi, I enjoy reading your news and developments on your website. In radio control multihulls we have the problem of not having anyone on board the board to make adjustments! I have experimented with wands to control foil angles but have found that the proportionately larger wave heights cause problems so we continue to work with the Hydroptere concept which offers the best automatic compensation to wind speed and boat speed changes.

 I have also experimented with outboard V foils, similar to those sketched by Carl-Johan Soder.(18' outwards foiler), which provide very significant improvements to stability but take the boat out of class as the max beam is too great.

 I am also using wing tips on the ends of my foils right now and they are definitely showing an improvement. Some links to videos are here. Most of the boats are from the Mini40 class, which is a 1/10th model of the 40ft class raced in Europe in the late 1980s. So the boats can be 1.22m long and 1.22m wide with a max sail area of 0.9sq metres.

- Wing tips are on #46 tri

- Outboard foils are on this one metre black/yellow tri:

- Servo-controlled foils are here:

Best wishes
Ian Holt

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