Dec 29, 2015

DNA 2016 updates preview & DNA Punta Ala Worlds Film Extended Version

DNA Extended version for Punta Ala 2015 Worlds Video , Report , and renders sent by Holland Composites / -
A-Class builders keep pushing development. DNA is preparing a new platform for 2016, some details can be seen in 2nd render above, with a dedicated and modified beam/tramp area clearly optimized for Aero efficiency.
Also they sent me the premiere of the  extended version of the great footage filmed by Nick Bowers at Punta Ala. (Director's Cut)
Check at 3:00 and understand now my reports from Punt Ala.. seeing that Live was awesome, unbelievable and painful (for the sailors being passed) at the same time!
Great footage to see once more the work involved to put the As in airborne mode, specially in waves.
Holland Composites:  "We have been working with various partners in team DNA for the upcoming DNA A-cat development, again with DNA team rider Mischa Heemskerk (obviously) and designer Rudo Enserink who also worked with us on the G4 project.
New to the team is Mikko Brummer from WB-Sails who has provided us with loads of invaluable input by analyzing everything in CFD. No detail has been overlooked. And funnily enough, when we did the bigger G4 we could use a lot of lessons learned with the smaller A-cat and now we are doing a new A-cat, we implement again many lessons learned from the big boat/G4. In addition to all the feedback from 5 years of sailing with the current DNA, of course.

Please have a look at attached pictures and vids which are testimony to the engineering efforts made thus far. The devil is in the detail and every item which could be improved without making the boat double or triple in costs (no AC budgets at DNA or at our customers) has received an update.

Sailors may expect a new foiling DNA A-Cat weapon from the spring of 2016. Plugs for the new moulds are finalized, we are working on the carbon moulds as we speak and we expect to reveal all information in about two months from now.

Interested sailors may contact us at so we can keep them updated."