Dec 31, 2015


2015 was a Great Year for cats, and 2016 will be even better. Having some connectivity issues, so will make the 2015 year review later.

I Just want to thank all the readers and friends who follow the web and also believed in the F18 Open Project. Specially Jakub Kopylowicz and his Exploder Yard.
Lots of projects and people to be included in the incoming review, but I wanted one more time to remark what a great guys he is, working hard for the sport trying to provide more alternatives for us to enjoy sailing and racing Cats.

Also a big thanks to Felix Egner, he was the reason I could afford a rib at Punta Ala, and he just drive the thing the entire week.
And of course to the brands supporting the web back with Ads, they are the reason I could travel these years and invest further to provide more and better content, or at least I try to.
To those that left me hanging, well, I just wish you the best, hoping everyone can always get a new chance.

Huge year coming for us Argies, 2016 is the year the local Argentine Fleet will be looking forward to host the 2016 F18 Worlds, to be held in Buenos Aires, October 28- Nov 4 - official web

Finally,  Thank You, the readers, to make this web a joy to maintain
Keep sailing & Racing cats.

All the Best for 2016!