Dec 28, 2015

Paradox: L/V foils & new platform Test

All Images by  Carbonix / -- Dario Valenza continues to refine his concept and L/V foils choice. We still need to see what will happen if say Mischa's Class legal Dna, race against these foil setup. US  Class testing period could provide an answer but I still maintain latest A-Class conf might prevail in the all round. More after what we saw at Punta Ala.  Beyond maybe Dario, not many have a real grasp on what will happen.

The other aspect of current A-Class conf is that now you don´t even need to change foil rake for upwind/downwind mode: With upwind foiling in the verge of being achieved efficnetly (a la FP/F20 mode) new Class legal developments are in fact simplifying the sail handling & racing the As.

With L/V foils a la FP/ F20 you need to raise them in every tack /gybe, and I have the feeling that the smart systems Dario is developing will not compensate the time lost for every transition.

Check full report & additional images at Carbonix blog:

Then again these are all suppositions until we have a real matchup between the two concepts, I keep my favoritism for current 4 foil conf in the racing course.
As stated the L/V foil can provide a more rapid and easy airborne time for rookies compared to the hard but rewarding process of learning to fly class legal 4 foil setup.
Needless to say the easier way to fly is the Nr1 asset and selling argument for Dario's solution who keeps delivering his foils all over the World.

The legal A-Class foil learning process might change/accelarate if the crazy X-Wing alternative I proposed past Friday has any viability in every aspect of sailing, handling & transitions. I have the feeling  the X setup might provide additional stability and easier flight.