Dec 28, 2015

A-Class: Scheurer G7 New Foils

Sandro Caviezel sailing Scheurer G7 with proprietary new daggers made a great impact at 2014 Europeans held at Bordeaux obtaining the European crown and a 5th overall from a +100 boat fleet. Even people from other yards recognized the great performance Sandro had and praised Andy Scheurer's yard devels to match Dna & Exploder foiling work.

At Punta Ala Worlds held in September 2015 many of us were expecting a better performance on the G7s, but as Sandro recognizes they felt a little bit behind in some conditions. Sascha Wallmer had a good event finishing 7th overall with a ret included.

After Punta Ala Scheurer Bootswerft went back to the 'drawing table' to get a 2nd version of their daggers. Rudders blades & winglets were already updated and launched at Punta Ala.

New boards look different from DNA & Exploder foils, with a smoother / progressive curve/radius.
I'm out of names for new foil devels, Sandro told me they also though of an 'X' conf two years ago but was discarded. They firmly believe this is the way to go.
First test have been done against their previous version and results can be seen in video above.

Sandro reports also little modifications to the daggercase bottom exit were made to fit new boards.
New daggers will be also available to public after official production version is launched.
Full development details by Sandro at Schuerer Devel Blog:

Is great to see how A-Cat builders are pushing each other to refine and improve performance. I'm confident current box Rule in the future will provide the framework to develop the most stable and faster allround solution which will discard  for good as A-Class racing alternatives any FP/F20 J/L/V foils or Stunt 9 double Moths Ts systems. (aside of rules allow them or not in the future)
On other A-Class news check Stephen Brayshaw / Team Ronstan new Traveler setup for Brewin's boomless main: