Dec 11, 2015

F18 OP by Exploder: Sailing the 'Project'

I've been busy past weeks assembling and putting together from zero the Scorpion / F18 Open Project / Exploder F18 platform built Jakub Kopylowicz. This is the 3rd time I can sail my own cad lines in a finished cat since 2005. And the experience, like the first time, is awesome.
More if you like the ride. We have already the good performance and feedback Mischa Heemskerk & Francesco Bianchi had at Kiel , with 3 days on the water before the event.

But actually sailing the boat and experiencing how smooth it feels gives you a real perspective on the final product. You have to sail her yourself of course, but I really like what we've achieved in terms of functionality and looks.

This platform is equipped now with with C2 Mast/Main & Jib and a Performance Spi.
A top rider here will race the boat this weekend and we will learn more about the potential of this great project which has become a reality thanks to the people helping on the design & concept process: Ralph Moolenaar, Ronan Currid, Francesco Moretei, Andrew Gallagher, Sanyi Roka , aslo Marc Menec / IS&3D Eng who polished final lines for routing and finally Jakub Kopilowicz who invested all by himself to built it.

Mischa's boat is now in Australia and will race Australian Nats.
Above just teaser pic & info , more info to come on both boats.