Dec 11, 2015

A-Class: Brewin's boomless Main

Photo sent by Stephen Brayshaw /  Team Ronstan.-  After publishing Bailey's boomless sail two days ago now we received the developments being done in Australia. This sail designed & built by Steve Brewin is looking so good, more when we'll have a chance to reduce hardware in the A-Cats. Click image for hq. The sail is rigged on Stephen Brayshaw's  Dna. Later Brayshaw will send a video of his new traveler system.
"Hi Martin,
Here are photos of Stevie Brewin’s new boomless sail.
It is extremely fast and buying a boom would be a complete waste of money.
The only issue is traveller system but I have fixed that with a new system that comes out to each hull and is endless so you now have everything accessible from out on the wire.