Nov 6, 2015

Voicing your Opinion, Acting Accordingly & Stand your Position

If you like to voice your opinion like I do here, you need to be open to critics and not sending legal threats. ('Legal help' post past weeks was only related on a big company owing me $). If you have a formal public position on x Class matters and on which directions to follow and you send material to the press or to this website for having exposure then is implicit to accept critics as not everyone is going to agree.

An indisputable fact is that Bimare played a big role in forming a new Class, they even built an specific boat for the occasion, check link below. This is a fact, not an opinion.
 I even praised the move on creating a new Class cause everyone has the right to give their point of
view and act accordingly. They didn´t like the direction the official International A-Class Sailing Association was taking and they decided along other sailors to create a new Class. That is the way to go, you protested , exposed your views, and if you are not satisfied everyone is free to go their own way.

I understand that a public opinion might affect some interests, but if you are in the business or selling racing boats and you actively play a roll on a racing Class direction and decisions, you distribute those positions to the press or blogs, then you are accepting the fact you will have different point of views and people will voice them as you did.

In the end if you send articles on your opinions about Class matters,  and strongly push in a wide open public way fot people follow your line of thought, just stand by your statements and accept opposing views. If not , better try not to go that loud next time if for any fact telling or opinion against, you are going to sue....

Bimare always had a special place here in CSN, on all their projects, statements and specially Michele Petrucci's great Stunt 9 foiling cat.

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