Nov 6, 2015

Star & 49er Worlds 2015 @Buenos Aires: Rio de la Plata by Capizzano

All Images Matias Capizzano / . Torben Grael is racing the 2015 Star Worlds in BA. Outteridge & Burling are training for the 49er Worlds to be held next week here in Buenos Aires too. So if these guys are here, you don´t have a reason to miss next year 2016 F18 Worlds:

Star Worlds 2015 Results:
49er South Americans:

Matias Capizzano is one of the best sailing photographers world wide, with him on the river these weeks I can sit down and just publish his pics! Although I will try hard to get a decent one for the 49er Worlds. More pics by Capizzano at his FB Page

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