Nov 17, 2015

Paradox V3 Platform with 'L/V' Foils

Image by Easton Chang / / Carbonix Boats - One thing you cannot criticize to Dario Valenza is how he invest and develop accordingly his line of thought. His complete platform has not excelled yet in the A-Class legal racing but he is delivering many insert from below  sets (non Class legal, and being allowed for test by US/CAN for a period of two years in local regattas)  of his L/V foils and also provided the rudder system for TNZ A-Cat winning team at Takapuna 2014 Worlds.
With the latest version of the Paradox Dario also went for an innovative pivoting rudder case cassette aiming for structural and hydrodynamic performance gains.

I asked him on the rudder blade being closer to the the dagger foil flow and he explained the work being done with this new development:
"...The rudder is further forward by about 200mm. That is a compromise. But the blade is end-plated (think like a deck sweeping sail) which makes it much more efficient, especially when low riding. Plus nice feel because of good balance. Lighter and fast rake adjustment. And accurate, with no wobbling. If foils are stable the closer distance is not a problem. Plus the horizontal is at the back of the blade. And newer boats have beams forward.

...current systems have to be strong as all the loads have to go through four bolts in the transom. With the new pivot system the loads go straight in hull and deck..."

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