Nov 17, 2015

Nacra 17 Foiling Video

Crew: Brazilian Team João Siemsen and Gabriela Nicolino Training downwind in Rio de Janeiro. - This video is quite impressive (get pass first 10 secs), lets forget for a minute on build quality discussions and let focus on what we are seeing here: A double handed Olympic cat equipped with standard C boards and rudders without winglets getting some efficient airborne time, in fact I can´t believe how far they can maintain the flight and speed momentum. I said on Day 1 that adding winglets would get this Morrelli & Melvin design to foil. After watching video above I have no doubt whatsoever on that remark made some years ago.

I've published many pics and clips of Nacra 17s 'foiling' , but nothing like this. Watch the crew moving forward to get the weight forward and level the fligh getting the C dagger foil to provide a more balanced lift. Equipment considerations have been discussed in past two posts on the N17:

Now I get Bundy's "Foiling Training Camp" photo published weeks ago,  and I can imagine a foiling cat for 2020 Olympics, implementation is another story... More info to come, but this cat has the chance to transform in obsolete equipment the rest of the Olympic Classes by 2020.

Also this is the same foil conf of the A-Classic , which is suppossed not to foil at all , and we've pointed out here many times that you could get airtime with that setup too. But the A-Classic is a fleet formed in their own right, and I don´t see As becoming non floating hulls cats, for that we already have Moths.

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