Nov 13, 2015

Land Rover BAR AC45 T2: The Stealth

Image:Harry Kenney-Herbert & Land Rover BAR -
BAR twitted second pic above with following caption : "T2 uses the latest technology from aerospace & automotive industries to create the marine equivalent of a fighter jet"

Reviewing BAR modified AC45 Turbo (or 'T2' as they call it)  looks, it really looks like a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor Stealth fighter.
To continue learning and understanding shapes & designs I'm currently drawing Oracle AC Turbo and will continue with this beauty above. BAR also used a different design for their foils compared to Oracle, while Artemis months ago had a new version of their stepped foils first used at past SF Cup for their first foiling 45. I will try to get a cad shape version of the three of them too.

BAR also published an article on pairing sailors & tech compared to jet fighters & pilots: