Nov 12, 2015

ISAF Meeting China Nov 2015: Nacra 17 to foil in 2020?

Image: Santi Lange (who is sailing & training again here in BA after his surgery) & Ceci Carranza by Francisco Vignale. -
Two weeks ago we posted an article titled  "Bundock & Curtis Nacra 17 Lift Off: Foiling for 2020??"
Today I received and published the new ad banner Gunnar sent from China ISAF meeting, featuring the ISAF Youth Nacra, 15 that we didn´t supported at all, (we pushed for any F16 including Nacra one) and the Olympic Multi Nacra 17.
Minutes ago I received a private mail on the talks being done in China over a proposal to get the Nacra 17 to foil in 2020/24.

I think is a good move and should be put together with an Open format. Sarah Newberry & Matthew Whitehead win at the 2015 F18 North Americans showed there is no reason now to keep a forced Mixed format.  The Nacra 17 Mixed Class is a great success within the Olympic circuit and having beautiful & hardcore girls showing the boys how its done as helms or crews is a great achievement for Multihull Olympic Racing History.

With this base now we have a good scenario to get an Open Class for 2020. The Nacra 17 is already getting airborne for years and from here we 'demanded' winglets since day 1. Is the right move to follow for the pinnacle of our sport and it should be an opportunity (as mentioned many times) for Nacra to elevate the quality built of the 17s, and provide the mandatory structural strenght needed for a flying boat.

On the Ncara 17 per se, I think it is not time to change the boat again, an Open Class will do the job and we will get hundreds of new kids pursuing the Olympic dream.  The Nacra F20 is too big, and maybe now the Flying Phantom (was conceived for Santander Trials in the beggining) could be an option too along forming a 18 footer foiling Class , but from where we are right now with the mixed crews, a priori the N17 should remain for a possible Open format transition for 2020, one of the key argument is current fleet -might- be adapted & reinforced for new foil tech.

Official news from ISAF at :
"...They then turned attention to the long-term ISAF Events Strategy reviewing the IOC Agenda 2020 recommendations. The committee focused on the format and qualification system for Tokyo 2020. In advance of the Events Committee meeting, the Equipment Committee put forward a recommendation on the future of the Nacra 17. The Events Committee endorsed their recommendation to evolve the Nacra 17 into a foiling multihull for Tokyo 2020. It was also agreed that a long-term strategy for the 2024 Olympic Games and beyond was essential...."

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