Oct 6, 2015

Legal Help

All these years I've been trying to help and connect many people in the background that have contacted me for x or y reason. And for me it's been a pleasure to be able to lend a hand to new projects, sailors and to promote our great sport.

I've always received good vibes from all in exchange, but recently I've been hit really low by someone I trusted. This hit is affecting my ability to continue normal daily life and would like to ask for the first time ever some help from the readers, this is NOT some monetary help as some other hard faces have asked but simply some legal counseling preferably in the US.

Sorry to bother with this, but I've never been so mad in my life, in the past I have left many issues or problems let by , but I wont let this one go that easy, I'm tired of doing charity for people who don´t need it. So if any sailor/lawyer is reading this please contact me at catsailingnews gmail com.