Oct 6, 2015

BAR Launches AC45 'Turbo' version

AC45s 'Turbo' are the ones with crew cockpit and modified to match AC72 from San Francisco plus latest design developments towards the AC48s which will race for the Cup at Bermuda in 2017.
The AC45 'F's , for Foiling are the standard spartan former floating AC45s with new foils.

Like Oracle & Artemis 'Turbo' versions , this Ben Ainslie Racing 45 looks like a weapon too. Definitely the best looking racing boats and even the most efficient due to their size/final speed ratio ever built.

Artemis versions in a quick comp: http://www.catsailingnews.com/2015/07/artemis-ac45s-overhauled-turbo-vs-v1-f.html