Oct 12, 2015

Dutch Dragoon Cup 2015 @Catclub Zeeland

Report & pics sent by Kees Krijger. The Dutch CatClub Zeeland / www.catclubzeeland.nl organizes every year the Dragoon Cup, an event for kids sailing the 'Hobie Dragoon' mini cat, which is used at large in Belgium & France also to teach kids how to sail & race directly in Multihulls, without ever getting on board an Optimist. Optis are the defacto school in many countries like Argentina, but it seems the Dagoon also works as Henry Demesmaeker has proven wih his already successful career as a teenager.
"The 6th edition of the Dutch Dragoon Cup was sailed in very nice weather conditions, especially for October. 35 teams from Belgium and the Netherlands sailed several races on the Veerse Meer at Catclub Zeeland, but the Belgian teams were the most successful. The aim of this Cup is to learn regatta sailing at a young age in the Hobie Dragoon. During the races the young sailors are trained on the water by their coaches, which makes this an unique event. In all six editions of the Dutch Dragoon Cup, the Belgian sailors were ontop of the rankings, so many compliments for their trainers!