Oct 18, 2015

Arg Pride 2015

Photo The Guardian / Reurters. In the past Argentina had some good games here, they also finished 3rd in 2007.  In this World Cup held in England the Pumas are now again inside the top 4 Rugby Teams in the World after another epic match against Ireland.
Here we don´t live only on Football and we are immensely pride of this Team that has been building technique in the past years which was added to their great heart and passion.
Simply put finally these guys learned how to pass the ball under pressure allowing them to implement & complete attacks that were frustrated in the past on their lack of skills . That was achieved on special training programs.

Also Argentina being added to the South Hemisphere top Teams Championship (former Tri Nations) with New Zealand, Australia & South Africa  provided the Pumas the progressive level growth that is only possible to gain playing against the best.

Thus my constant pursue for Sailing & Racing against the best in every Class, the only way to learn and progress is to compete against the top sailors, you will lose hard time in many occasions but if you are willing to go for the long haul you will see the benefits of the hard work.

In the end in every aspect of life the goal is to level but pointing higher each time.  Leveling down (like communism & populism that gladly we will end to suffer in some months here in Arg) is only pursued by mediocres and people that can´t stand, and are not willing to overcome, their own limitations.
Edit: Check this BBC sport article by Ben Dirs I found today to understand the Argie way and a confirmation on the common sense statement made above: "Argentina are proof that the only way you can improve at anything is by testing yourself against superior opposition"