Sep 24, 2015

A-Cat Worlds @Punta Ala 2015: CSN Portfolio

+800 Images from Punta Ala at

All Images MV / . Click for HQ & Slideshow - Full portfolio (+800 pics) at --
Thousands of images and maybe some are worth to publish  thanks to a great camera that does everything for you being a full scale amateur. Taking photos is a great pleasure beyond if you are a Pro or not, and the goal was to record this great Worlds no matter what as looking back to my huge photo archive I couldn´t find an official photo from Glenn foiling at Bordeaux Europeans 2014. Only one from Gordon Upton and of course the ones Paula Kopylowicz kindly shared.

So my main mission was to take pics, and I just pushed the shutter every time I could. Some are good, some are lame, in any case this Championship is recorded at large for future generations by the pics Paula Kopylowicz/Exploder, Gordon Upton/Forward UK  and myself took at Punta Ala. Also great having Nick Browers who has lots of raw film material which is key for people no being there to understand what was going on.

I shot hundreds of pics from Glenn & Mischa sequences, they were racing really close together in the first races, with Mischa leading but Ashby defining the deal like a Pro Boxer, just the right punch when needed the most for the knockout. That first race sailing together was incredible, check Glenn's interview on how he won from behind. After that one it was a mental game and Ashby also started getting more flight hours to close the event with a great gap in Friday's first race. he abandoned the last one with non foiling conditions being at middle fleet. Mischa did pretty good in the last 100% floating race.

In the portfolio you will find every photo I could publish, maybe you will find yourself there, for sure you will find plenty of the top riders, the Class is formed by all, but some need to understand that when you promote the Class we do it for those outside of it, the members already are having a blast on the water, I don´t have to 'sell' them a thing!
Glenn & Mischa were sailing in the 'Twilight Zone'... there is a sequence which shows that is not all about equipment, just seeing how they made the top mark transition made a huge difference in speed against the fleet. Check Top Mark Trap Sequence at

In any case, I need to be repetitive, I got hooked with the As in a non foiling phase and I made the local guys to buy 7 boats in 2013.
Foiling is just an added ingredient, the whole package comes in floating flavor too, and the great thing about this Class is that everyone can have fun, being Ashby, or a 90yrs old guy.
The spirit of the A-class is simplicity and finesse, I love to sail all cats, specially my beloved F18s to which I dedicated the past 10yrs of my life, but none compares to the actual feeling you get -floating- or foiling an A-Class.

So forget about Mischa's weapon, get any oldie A-Cat and go for a sail, you'll be hooked too in 5 secs, then if you want to keep floating or take a chance to fly, is up to you.
Everyone is welcome to Sail & Race in the A-Class.

And for those complaining they can´t win now, well, just train harder, cause that gray hair pack of guys like Mathias Dietz , Georg Reutter & Scotty Anderson will humiliate you foiling 'punks' wannabes (hahaa) big time.
Lady Katrin Brunner is going to make shoeshine her boots while teaching you how to sail the race course and lead a Gold Fleet of 85 cats and finally Glenn Ashby is going to get you not matter what the hell any given rule allows or Not!

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