Sep 23, 2015

Punta Ala 2015: G7 Shot by Andy Scheurer

This is the best action shot from Punta Ala, and it was taken by Andy Scheurer before the event started. I took thousands of pics and managed to achieve something similar with a Bruce Mahoney tip toes flying finish. Photo above had some chromatic aberration I removed with Lightroom but still a great shot showing the foils at work. Andy also took me for a ride on his rib to take pics one day as he did for others.

Trying to take good action photos as a pure amaterur makes you appreciate the work done by top Notch Professionals like Contin, van der Borch , Launay,  and many others that contribute to this web.
I'm finishing to publish Punta Ala portfolio, which contains the daily albums already published and any other shot 'legible' enough to post.