Aug 13, 2015

Phaedo MOD70 @Isle of Wight Artemis Challenge 2015

Photos , video & report sen by Rachel Jasperen. //
MOD 70 racing heats up in the Artemis Challenge around the Isle of Wight
"After an impressive run of wins and records set in iconic offshore races over the last few months, Lloyd Thornburg's MOD 70 Phaedo3 lined up against some of the fastest boats in the world (including several other MOD 70's), for an inshore sprint around the Island of Wight in the Artemis Challenge. And they absolutely nailed the start against a fleet of some of the most experienced pro sailors in the world. "It's pretty gratifying to have a start like that," said Thornburg shortly after the race. "And it was great to finally race against some other MOD's."

In fact Thornburg never seems to rest. In the month of July alone, he and the crew of Phaedo3 set the elapsed time record in the Transatlantic Race and won the multihull class in the Transpac on Phaedo, his original 66-foot catamaran. The rainy English weather in Cowes was a bit chilly and grey compared to the tropical sun of Hawaii, but the Artemis Challenge was a great first race against the other veteran MOD's. And he and co-skipper Brain Thompson are already using the lessons they've learned here to make their trimaran even quicker for the Fastnet and other offshore races, (including racing against the other MODs) and record attempts".

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