Aug 12, 2015

A-Class North Americans footage 2015: "Bonus Track" I

The US A-Class Association hired Nick Bowers from Kettle Cinema to film their North Americans 2015 Championships after seeing Nick's video of the GC32s I published on Jan 27. That GC32 clip was already impressive, and what he got out of the As racing at Panama City in Florida was out of the scale.
That Short remains the Nr 1 sailing Clip I've seen. I talked with many sailors that got chills out of seeing it, on the filmography but also on the edition.

Past weeks Nick has sent  the original raw footage to Bailey White, US Class President,  more than 500GB of

incredible film reel. I got access to this material thanks to Bailey and I went in awe after seeing the uncut version of some of the shots already published.
So we decided with Bailey to release 1-3 uncut versions of the best footage available, and here you have the result above, try to see it in HD only, as YT / Vimeo have too much compression for some specific film sources.

I think these shots by Nick Bowers/Kettle Cinema are definitely the best sailing clips ever filmed, closest thing to it might be past Americas Cup stream.
The big difference is at SF you had some excellent shots taken from the side, also some aereals views, but with Nick's technique you have both in the same ride, same camera, creating the most closest sensation to being there you can possibly get.,

Plus the chance to see in detail the refined handling work & body motion needed to make current A-Cat tech go airborne. For those always speaking on altitude control on windsurf foilers and kites, you need to understand that with current As setup you also have lots of body trim affecting the flight.

Wands & FP&F20 Js are for "'rookies'" as they might provide simpler and easy flights a la Stunt 9 or FP/F20, but achieving and learning A-Cat foiling technique above is something you must try before leaving this World. 

Is too much fun & super rewarding, way more than any ride I got from the FP/F20s double handed easy foilers in the right conditions, you can´t even start to compare the feeling you get out of both rides.

Check there is not much wind in these takes, which were all filmed while racing the North Americans. I like Moths and we all know they are the best foilers right  now, but there is no way you can get such a styling ride and boat combination. Foiling shots are from Matt Strubble  & Bruce Mahoney.

I have seen this video above like about 100 time in a few days, I can´t stop watching it...
Congrats again to the US A-Cat Assoc for investing in such a great filming material & quality, there is no better way to promote your Class along good quality pictures.

If you want to get this kind of footage for your event, just contact Nick Bowers / Kettle Cinema at

To join the A-Cats fun and get more info on the Class in  the US go to /
IACA Official web

Next Worlds will be held at Punta Ala in a few weeks, 170 boats in the entry list are confirmed:
I will be there taking pics & reporting on my own, I will try to get some decent vid shots too in 4k, but don´t expect material a la  Kettle Cinema's level ...... !