Aug 25, 2015

C-Class Little Cup 2015: September 12-20th

Image: Alex Udin. The C-Class Little Cup 27th will be held this September. Pity it's schedule together with the A-Class Worlds at Punta Ala to be held September 5-12th, as is clear it brought  some overlap on sailors that could attend both events, like known A sailor Thomas Paasch who will be sailing  Team Sentient Blue C-Class. More info on the event next week.  Franck Cammas won last Little Cup with Groupama Team. Check C-Class label below for past articles.

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Location: Lake Geneva , Société Nautique Geneve

- September 6-11
- Thursday 10th September
12:00 Mandatory presence of all teams and C Class boats
Welcome Briefing for all Teams
14:00 training Day , C-Class branding
- Friday 11th September
Last Day for issuing C-Class measurement certificates
- Saturday 12th September
12:00 Team Briefing
- Between 13 and 20th September
Little Cup Races.