Aug 24, 2015

A-Cat Dutch Nats 2015 @Hellecat: Heemskerk Champ

All images Henk de Graad , 2nd pic PJ Dwarshius sailing Mischa's windsurfer rig.
Not much changed from  Saturday '5 Bullets' show at Hellecat for the 2015 A-Class Dutch Nats.
Sailors didn´t went out on Sunday on a high 20s wind forecast, but the committee was out waiting for them, only Alexander Zylka went out to race alone. The rest of the fleet got dns, overall lead was left untouched and Mischa was crowned Champ. Final results and additional report at Dutch Assoc FB

This event could become a milestone for the Class on rig/sail development, although we reported that Pete Melvin already sailed a similar setup at Takapuna and Mischa also used it before, it is the first time this setup can be assigned 'some' efficiency.

Mischa's designed sail/solution along his sailing/racing skills was an important asset for his dominance over Ashby. He reported now 7 to 11knots on Saturday, I asked him on the gap with Ashby and he commented on a 4 mins in a 37mins race and +35secs margin obtained only downwind in other race, timed officially.

Not many top sailors are sailing their own designed foils (Dna Zs) & sail to left the might Ashby wondering what happened. The Worlds will be a good final benchmark for Mischa's rig design, but if Ashby shows up with a windsurfer rig a la Heemskerk, be prepared to modify your boom and quote a cut for your current sail.
Checking PJ's photo, I think a double windsurf boom might be needed though.

Mischa reports on his tiny top sail head design helping to stabilize his DNA while foiling, having much concentrated cloth area down the foot, is depowering the top of the sail , which is a logical result of such design. 7-11knots was the range for the 5 consecutive Bullets over Ashby.

With more wind this design can be even more efficient, only doubt will be calm wind racing, where Mischa reports not having better results on him being 91kg, which is actually a lot for a 75kg boat.
Punta Ala is going to be a great event to watch and follow.
Last Photo Left: Richard Gladwell. Pete Melvin at Takapuna Worlds 2014.