Jul 15, 2015

F18 Worlds 2015 @Kiel Day 2: Larsen & van West lead after 5 Races

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If someone (like me ;) thought Gunnar & Fer needed to defend their 2014 World Title from Ireland which was  held with 50 boats, on a huge competitive fleet like the one we are seeing at Kiel 2015 Worlds , the Nacra team (CEO & Designer) has responded in high style with the lowest overall score after 5 races to lead the event. They are in the Yellow Fleet/group, the most competitive yet with the 3 overall leaders. Gunnar & Fer racing performance has been flawless but not only that , their speed is impressive following the Trac-Trac. The Infusion is responding in a great form once more ('08,'09, '13, '14 WC Design)  and it seems each year is faster than the previous one!  3 boats out of the top six with Zeekant-Begemman in 3rd and Veenman de Waard in 5th overall.

The Goodall C2 camp is also up there, Taylor Reiss & Matthew Whitehead hold second place and Ashby-Goodall 4th.
Sixth place for Mitch Booth & his son Ruben Booth on a Hobie Wildcat out of the factory, if a discard is added they would be 2nd 1pt behind Larsen. Two bullets for the Booths, Mitch is passing the Torch to his sons, this guy is going to perform passing his 90yrs old, Legend.

French crew Trecul / Chastagnet in 7th. Northrop-O'Brien with two bullets and mixed results on the Infusion equipped Hyde sails in 8th.
Good mix of designs , the great asset of the F18 Class, in the top 10 with Easton Burd in the Falcon in 9th , Gosche-Pegel Phantom 10th and Mischa-Bianchi with the Scorpion / F18 OP by Exploder / Mischa sails in 12th.

First race of the Day Mischa & Francesco finished in 2nd place seconds behind deWaard-Veenman and seconds also ahead of Larsen-van West. What a great race! To me was like I couldn´t believe a 5 day old boat was responding to the the level of the crew and against those teams and super proven Infusions.  Great experience following the Trac-Trac gps, it was Race 2 Yellow Fleet , Replay of all races at tractrac.com/index.php?page=eventpage&id=558

Edit: Still much to go, but I want thank right now again all the guys in the F18 OP, Jakub for his belief and investment + getting  Mischa & Francesco who are  sailing  with good vibes and guts a new unknown boat., all of them have gave me one of the best days ever. Thank you guys!

The only Arg cew, Cruz Smith & Mariano Heuser got an excellent 2nd behind Booth, but sadly a BFD later cut their chances. Great championship so far, tomorrow light winds and breeze for Friday, still much to go and two past Champs like Larsen & van West and Multiple Wchamp & Legend Mitch Booth and his son Ruben will be fighting for the title against the super a tight and super competitive top ten.

Top 15 below. Full results at manage2sail.com

NrSail NumberSkipper / Boat NameClubR1R2R3R4R5TN
1NED 1866Gunnar LARSEN
2USA 415Taylor REISS
3NED 2Oscar ZEEKANT366412020
4AUS 313Glenn ASHBY
Goodall Design
Compass Nacra
6ESP 563Mitch BOOTH5151122424
7FRA 29Yoann TRÉCUL412121264646
Hyde Sails
9USA 11Michael EASTON
10GER 327Jörg GOSCHE
El Friede
11USA 111Charles TOMEO
Team Ullman
HOCO/Magic Marine/Gunboat
13BEL 14Philip HENDRICKX1112713206363
14GER 278René SCHWALLKYC2010241727373
Nacra Infusion MK2

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