Jul 16, 2015

Artemis AC45s: Overhauled Turbo vs V1 F

Photo above by sander van der Borch from Artemis second AC45, the original with only new foils to race the ACWS Portmouth next weeks. 
Compare with left image (click to enlarge) to actually see all the changes we've been posting for a while: Rudders , daggercase & beams placing , bow sprit shortened for no gennaker plus hulls flare for cockpit and aero addons for the Bermuda one.
Wing seems to remain in same position with a V shaped front beam.

A race between them would be really interesting to watch as I'm wondering for a while which are the actual performance gains on such mods on the racing course , not theorical or CFD sumulation. I asked Pete Melvin on this on a coming interview.