Jul 28, 2015

F16 Europeans 2015: Henri Demesmaeker &Alec Bague Champs

If a discussion was in place about which boat was the  indicated for becoming  the newISAF youth Multi, then the Formula 16 had only proven facts to overcome any possible commercial lobby. Past ISAF Multi Santander Olympic trials had a successful Class like the Viper OD & F16 vs the new Nacra 17 which didn´t won on any lobby, only on pure performance and design preferred by the sailors themselves.
Comparing situations for the new ISAF Youth Multi  the Nacra 15 didn´t had any point favoring it , nor a established class , less performance.  On top of that  Youth were already sailing F16s as a pathway to F18s & Olympics.

Henri Demesmaeker  was crowned F16 World Champ at age  12, but then again some clueless guys at ISAF decided for yet another boat.
Henri continues to sail F16  nowadays, in parallel with new steps in the Nacra 17 Class.  At Cesenatico 2015 Europeans sailing with his RBSC pal Alec Bague, they won over an Open fleet which include experienced sailors and multiple winners in the F16 Class like Emmanuel le Chapelier & Eric Boudec.

Kids sailing in the new N15 will not be able to do so as top riders will not buy one, and the little 15 will serve only to one purpose, like the N17,  just a specialized monopoly racing Class, as no one buys N17 for recreational sailing. 

The N15 will be the same,  this when the F16 might be most versatile  racing beachcat out here allowing to race and sail solo no worries attached.

But this is a done deal (N15 was selected as Youth ISAF Multi already)  so no reason to complain any further, I just started thinking about it when seeing Henri & Alec won the Europeans, text above will be last 'rant' on the matter.

If you want your kids to start sailing a performance beahcat, and you want to be able to launch ans sail alone, or race with your girlfriend / wife or even with a friend, then the Formula 16 is your perfect choice.
Check builders and more info on the Class at http://www.formula16.net/f16-catamarans-boat-overview/

On the 2015 Europeans check below  Report & Results sent by Thomas Koening F16 Class Pres & Gill de Bruyne.

More pics and full results at F16 Fb
Formula 16 European Championships in Cesenatico: Henri strikes again!
Three years after having been the youngest World Champion ever on a high performance boat, Henri Demesmaeker together with Alec Bague grabbed the European crown 2015. With six bullets in eleven races, and winning all races on the last day, there was no doubt, who was setting the benchmark in this light wind event. The race committee managed to start 11 races over a series of four days in steaming hot weather conditions with water temperatures reaching more than 30 degrees.

Neither former European Champion Kim Anne le Formal nor current World Champs Adrian Fawcett with his crew Jessie Dobbie had a chance to get near the young Belgian hotshots, who also won the trophy for the best youth team. With 43 boats from six nations, this Euro on the Adriatic coast was the biggest F16 event ever. Most teams were mixed with girls and boys on the helm. And with two youth teams on the podium, some all female teams and four single handed sailors in the fleet the class again gave proof of the versatility of those catamarans.

Except the boats from Manu Boulogne, all common brands were present. The box rule seems to work as the first ten places were just about eventy shared by Viper, Bimare and Falcon boats. The Nacra F16 carrying a bit more weight does not seem to like those lightwind conditions. But as next year’s Worlds are in Belgium, this boat might again show it’s highwind potential. Mattia, showing up with a new developed F16 probably came for testing. Let`s hope, that they will establish the boat on this very competitive market.

The Circolo Vela Cesenatico did a brilliant job on the water and on shore. The maximum waiting time between the last boat crossing the finish time and the next warning signal was less than five minutes. And getting your boat hosed with fresh water while pulling it to the boat park surely is a service, that is not common either. Grazie mille!
Thomas Koenig, Chairman F16 CA"

Place Nation Brand Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 total
1 BEL Viper Henri Demesmaeker Alec Bague 1 1 7 3 8 3 5 1 1 1 1 17
2 FRA Bimare Emmanuel Le Capello Eric Le Bouedec 3 3 5 1 4 1 4 2 4 4 2 24
3 BEL Falcon Aurèlie van Schoote Morgan Goog 4 8 2 dnf 2 6 1 19 3 2 5 33
4 SUI Falcon Andreas Lutz Andrea Lutz 5 6 10 2 7 9 3 7 2 13 7 48
5 FRA Falcon Kim Anne Le Formal Chiara Chei 2 2 4 6 12 35 dsq 6 6 6 4 48
6 FRA Bimare Emmanuel Dode Nicholas Guillerme 8 12 22 15 3 5 23 10 5 3 6 67
7 BEL Viper Arnout Victor Klaas Victor 10 4 12 4 11 2 8 11 16 8 13 70
8 ITA Bimare Filippo Macari Alessia de Vit 16 5 11 8 10 11 2 4 9 10 14 70
9 FRA Viper Eeckman Constance ocs 11 1 9 1 12 12 3 17 14 dns 80
10 BEL Viper Thibaut Derumeaux Thomas Derumeaux 11 9 13 5 ocs ocs 9 9 7 7 11 81