Jul 27, 2015

AC45s @Portsmouth 2015: Images by van der Borch , Foils by Fischer / LR

All Images by Sander van der Borch / Artemis Racing. Full gallery at his Fb page.  Additional shots from Portsmouth at Artemis Fb --Yet another set of special pics from Sander who continues to show us different angles or shots. Much to see in these pics, click for orig size & Slideshow.

Regarding AC45 Foils and as I expected them to be when analyzing Raget detailed pics from Soft Bank Japan , Martin Fischer was indeed involved in designing those foils. After that post I even had a private mail asking how the hell I could identify or say that Fischer's designed them and I just told this guy that they looked familiar eye wise, more after seeing/shooting/sailing  FP ones. As all latest J foils are converging into similar standard shapes/sections  I contacted Martin to confirm or not my initial thoughts.

AC45s Foils racing in the ACWS are all One Design, below Fischer himself tells the story below:
"It's correct that I designed the one-design appendages (Foils, Rudders & Elevators) for the AC45-F. It was part of a development deal between the different AC teams.
Each team agreed to participate at the development of the AC45-F appendages and appendage systems. And it was our (Luna Rossa) part to design the shape of the appendages.

The structure was done by Pure in New Zealand.
When I designed the foils they represented - in our (LR) opinion - a reasonably good design, although obviously not our latest thinking at that time.
The foils show some similarities with other foils I designed, but due to the different size and weight of the boat there are some important differences. The tip angle and also the sections are not the same as for the GC32 or the Flying Phantom.

Now I'm working on other foiling projects and for my pleasure I have been working on a design for "proper" A-Class foils, ignoring Rule 8. I hope very much that this rule will disappear very soon and first steps taken by the Canadian and the US American A-Class association are very encouraging.
I'll test and use those foils on the A-Class and the next stage would be to design a single handed catamaran - smaller and cheaper than the A-Class but with a comparable weight - around those foils".
Martin Fischer for Catsailingnews.com -

More pics by Sander below, click for Slideshow , Full gallery his FB: