Jun 4, 2015

Texel Dutch Open Day 2: Images by Laurens Morel

Images by Laurens Morel / www.saltycolours.com - Full Album at Texel FB  on a calm weather Day for the course racing part of the Texel Week. As someone wrote in comments, no english version for the Texel this year. Beyond gtrasnlate tool, it is an indication they have reduced their intended broad too
No FP but the F20s,  Whisper double T foiler and a "Frankeinsten Monster" M20 foiler also from UK present to race the Round Texel. I will try to get pics of the Beast,  currently available at Dutch A-Class Assoc FB , that thing represents everything I don´t want for racing foiling Cats.

Update: Image of the Monster M20 by Rob van den Broek / Cat Club Zeeland FB-  If that draggy thing wins over the Nacra F20 I close  CSN for a week...!
My gut feeling is that the Nacra F20 around the Island will cook both of them. But good on both projects to prove their concepts  at tough  Texel racing grounds .

Check below Ratings for Nacra 17 and F18 also.
Official Website http://roundtexel.com/

Texel Rating Mixed results for the TDO 2015 after 1 race. Full Results at http://roundtexel.com/results-tdo-2015/:

Rank Fleet Boottype Zeilnr stuurman stuurman fokkemaat fokkemaat tr R1   Total Nett
1st Open Class I formule 18 GBR 51 Simon Northrop Sam Barker 100 1 1 1
2nd Open Class I Nacra 17 Olympic NED 245 Gunnar Larsen James Melvin 99 2 2 2
3rd Open Class I hobie wild cat 524 Joost Fontein Ewout de Koning 100 3 3 3
4th Open Class I formule 18 NED 2 Oscar Zeekant Karel Begemann 100 4 4 4
5th Open Class I formule 18 NED 8 Hans Breur Roel Everaars 100 5 5 5
6th Open Class I formule 18 NED 4 Jorden Veenman Frank de Waard 100 6 6 6
7th Open Class I formule 18 NED 9 Niels Kleijweg Victor Vertregt 100 7 7 7
8th Open Class I nacra F20 FCS 23 Xander Pols Stefan Dubbelman 86 8 8 8
9th Open Class I formule 18 GBR 1511 Paul John Wakelin Harry Hazza Willett 100 9 9 9
10th Open Class I formule 18 NED 1851 Cees van den Bos Erik Schrader 100 10 10 10

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