Jun 4, 2015

Flying Phantom Series 2015: Texel for Geneva

Pablo & Ian at last FP session in BA, the guys did another test vs the F20, not published as I wasn´t there, but I saw the GoPro footage. I can only tell you what a pity not having a match at Texel, as is clear nobody knows the actual settings on the new production foilers (FP & F20) , not even close the builders themselves! And we are discovering lots of interesting stuff.. some rather shocking indeed, but we will continue to test to have a good stablished pattern. Also had a chat with Martin Fischer on the last outcomings on this test and he agreed on the logic for the changes made in settings & handling to be on the right path for the FP.

Press release sent below by Phantom Int on their series at Geneva.
"At the end of the week from June 5th to the 7th, the Flying Phantom fleet will gather on Lake Geneva for two events: The Phantom Trophée by the Yacht Cl

ub de Genève and the Geneva-Rolle-Geneva. These 3 days of the Flying Phantom Series Geneva 2015 will provide the perfect mix for the participants with 2 days of One Design racing and a long distance race.

A year ago the Flying Phantom sailed for the first time on Lake Geneva competing in the Geneva Rolle Geneva and round Lake Geneva. Following the same race course and starting line as the other boats competing in the Bol d’Or Mirabaud, they achieved an unofficial time of 6 hours and 21 minutes.

The Phantom Trophy, is the first foiling sport catamaran event ever organized on Lake Geneva. Organized by the

Yacht Club de Genève, the races will take place in front of the Yacht Club at “La Tour Carrée” in Cologny. Depending on the weather conditions, the courses will be laid out to offer a reaching start with a clearing mark in the middle, a leeward gate, a windward gate and a reaching finish after rounding the clearing buoy.

On Saturday, the Flying Phantom fleet will also take part in the 51st edition of the Geneva Rolle Geneva, which is one of the classics and most popular long distance races on Lake Geneva. 250 multihulls and monohulls are expected to line up, including D35s, M2s …

Around 8 Flying Phantoms are planning to take part in this event, with Team Tilt Sailing - SUI, Team Momentys - FRA, Team Neuhann – GER, Phantom Sailing Team – FRA among them.

Flying Phantom Series Geneva 2015 program
Friday June 5th
14h00 Flying Phantom One Design Races
18h00 Geneva Rolle Geneva prologue
Saturday June 6th
13h00 Geneva Rolle Geneva start
Sunday June 7th
10h00 Flying Phantom One Design Races
18h45 Prize Ceremony

Phantom Trophy with the Yacht Club de Genève: http://www.ycg.ch/trophee-phantom-du-ycg/
Geneva Rolle Geneva long distance race: http://www.ycg.ch/geneve-rolle-geneve/
Flying Phantom Series Geneva 2015 event page https://www.facebook.com/events/997181843626055/

In addition to these events, the Flying Phantom fleet will also compete at the Société Nautique de Genève Tuesday regatta on the 9th and during the week training sessions will be arranged with Flying Phantom customers, as well as introductory sessions to enable people to discover these boats".