Jun 5, 2015

Texel Dutch Open 2015: Northrop-Barker 1st

Image Laurens Morel / saltycolours.com / Round Texel - Full gallery at Round Texel FB - Simon Northtrop is one the first followers of Catsailingews and he has been racing F18 for years with mixed results, happy for him on grabbing this year 2015 Texel Dutch Open sailing with Sam Barker.  
The Bristish sailors won over one of the top F18 crew , Zeekant & Begemman, both teams with Infusion.  Third place (Texel Rating) for Xander Pols & Stefan Dubbelman on a Nacra F20FCS.

Check comments by Simon at F18 Official web
Full Results at http://roundtexel.com/results-tdo-2015/ . More info & pics later.