Jun 7, 2015

Round Texel 2015 Blue Ribbon for Noorstrand & Rooda, Nacra F20(Float)

Image by Laurens Morel / www.saltycolours.com .  Next post will feature great images from Laurens, check full gallery at Texel FB --
Comments I made from A-Class Garda Europeans last week when Thilo Keller won the event on his floating Arrow against the flyers: "...Foiling alone wont get you a race, less a Regatta..." , and that is exactly what happened at this 2015 Texel Edition, with Alex Noordstrand & Oscar Eelkman Rooda winning over a fleet of Nacra F20FCS (Foiling Mode) and 3 Custom Foilers. Mischa (M20) & Vink had hardware issues and I will check what happened with the UK Foilers.

With the FP fleet at Geneve, we couldn´t witness a re match form last year Texel where Vink & de Munck won over the FP and over a minute only on Xander's floating F20.
Till now only official match has been Florida 300 where John Casey won over an FP crew.
Keep tuned on this matchups though, plenty to come, nothing defined yet, trust me.

Texel 2015 ended then with a so-so scenario for both major production foilers, one on 'walkover' and the other having its floating version finishing first, when we know flyers can achieve a great margin once airborne over their floating counterparts.
Huge win for Alex & Eelkma, confirming Thilo's stand last week at Arco. But these will be few of the last standard mode wins, as new generation racing foilers  have proven to be a superior racing tool. (AC34, A-Class Worlds for ie)
Also they provide a quantum leap in the fun scale, yesterday I sailed the new Exploder J/Z.... Next Level, best ride ever in whichever 'sliding' sport I've been into. Report and boards pics tomorrow.

In the 'lowrider' fleet a Nacra 17 crew prevailed again over the F18s, but not for much, with Mandy Mulder & Coen de Koning (2nd Overall corrected Time) establishing a gap of 2mins over Jorden Veenman & Frank de Waard (Nacra Infusion MKII).
A good performance benchmark for the 'heavyweight' Formula 18, keeping the pace with a lighter, carbon mast & curved foils equipped Nacra 17.

Corrected Time Texel Rating:  Matthijs Van Assema won (Prindle 15) and Onno Schuitema & Linda Boer were 3rd on a Hobie 16. Great effort on them but in my view Texel need to review these ratings, as it sounds too much like those awkward phrf mono formulas corrected results. Next time a good sailor can grab a Hobie Wave to maximize his rating and cruise to win over a high performance fleet...

Texel 2015 Rankings below, Full results at http://www.roundtexel.com/resultaten-ronde-om-texel-2015/:

First 3 Finishers
Positie / Position Startnummer / Start# Boottype Spinnaker Texelrating Team Finishtijd / finish time Gecorrigeerde tijd / corrected time
1 193 nacra F20 carbon Ja / Yes 88 Alex Noordstrand/Oscar Eelkman Rooda 2:30:18.00 2:50:48.00
2 2 nacra F20 Carbon FCS Ja / Yes 86 Xander Pols/Stefan Dubbelman 2:34:03.00 2:59:08.00
3 246 nacra F20 Carbon FCS Ja / Yes 86 Grant Anthony Piggott/Adam Leeroy Kay 2:36:00.00 3:01:24.00

Positie / Position Startnummer / Start# Boottype Spinnaker Texelrating Team Finishtijd / finish time Gecorrigeerde tijd / corrected time
1 15 prindle 15 (1) Nee / No 125 Matthijs van Assema 3:08:31.00 2:30:49.00
2 165 nacra 17 Olympic Class (2) Ja / Yes 99 Mandy Mulder/Coen De Koning 2:37:01.00 2:38:36.00
3 5 hobie 16 Nee / No 119 Onno Schuitema/Linda Boer 3:09:36.00 2:39:20.00
4 4 formule 18 Ja / Yes 100 Jorden Veenman/Frank de Waard 2:40:46.00 2:40:46.00
5 100 formule 18 Ja / Yes 100 Oscar Zeekant/Karel Begemann 2:41:12.00 2:41:12.00
6 3 nacra 17 Olympic Class (2) Ja / Yes 99 Gunnar Larsen/James Melvin 2:41:19.00 2:42:57.00
7 190 dart 18 (2) Nee / No 121 Ruud Goudriaan/Yvonne Krab 3:21:43.00 2:46:42.00
8 194 dart 18 (2) Nee / No 121 Angela Hendriks/Reinout den Teuling 3:21:50.00 2:46:48.00
9 6 dart 18 (2) Nee / No 121 Dirk Pool/Sophie Brúgemann 3:22:01.00 2:46:57.00
10 204 nacra 17 Olympic Class (2) Ja / Yes 99 Nicole van der Velden/Thijs Visser 2:46:06.00 2:47:47.00