May 5, 2015

A-Class Week News, May 5, 2015

In addtion to Arno's Flying Carpet presentation, there is lots going on on the A. Jakub have been working 24x7...!  On the A15 R&D which Jacek Noetzel (pic above)  is testing and racing at Sopot with good results and happy with new settings, foils, winglets et all.  More pics at

The Exploder yard is also with the F18 OP  hull, routed model was painted this Monday,  now sitting on  the final female molds, plus some interesting devels coming for the A slider and next gen 18' & 20' foilers.

Major news for me this weekend was having Hervé Ledue, 2013 French Champ going for the foiling mode (pic left), great attitude from Hervé. ,Way to go!  

If you have the chance just try it, then you can go sail or race the A-Classic again.. but give yourself a chance to fly, you wont regret it , trust me.

The French Nats are coming this May 14-17 at
Club Nautique Berrois  at Plage de Champigny, Berre l'étang with a great number of 57 entries till now.

Then we have Dna preparing deliveries with some mods like traveler now deck leveled, pics at

PJ countryman Piet Saarberg launched a new version of his spreader rake on the water tuning system, and  continue the Vision R&D testing flight modes. 

Details of  the new spreader system at . 
Catparts have also  update their website

In the US, the local fleet is preparing to race the 2015 Nats to be held at St Andrews yacht Club on May 18-22, and Ben Hall is launching a new design. (last pic left)
USACA is providing great info on a series of sailors profiles at their FB page.

In Switzerland Andy Scheurer, Sandro & Daniel Caviezel continue with Scheurer G7 R&D,  including platform built quality.. as shown by this video of Sandro going for it in 25-30knots gusts

The British Association has published a great video on a training Clinic by Chris Field, with one of the most spectacular wipeouts I ever saw :

Remember to check the official A-Class website &  FB Page , where I upload every single news from the As World.