Apr 19, 2015

G4 Wipeout Video at St Barth by Jesús Renedo

Heli Video by Jesus Renedo - Typical dumb F18 sideways capsize indeed. Judge for yourself. Although they need to solve the full turtle final position. Floater/airbag at mast top like the AC72s wing for instance as they implemented at SF. Incredible that they only broke some battens after a fully upside down final stance.
The Racing G4 now needs the re work to use a possible Racer / 'cruiser' label, as we've been saying, this is a thoroughbred carbon racing weapon (more when they decided her to foil), specifically Targeted for ie  to sailors like my local friends with racing experience, with all the flying toys and the resources to buy it.

Comments by PJ: "Fantastic day of sailing ended with a dumb capsize.
Ticked that box of the test program too. Everything fine, mainsail only some broken battens, and my iphone didn't survive..
Need a quicker main dump valve on the hydraulics that's what we learned !
Only way to develop a great product even better is to test it ....

Image Sequence by Ultimate Sailing at https://www.facebook.com/UltimateSailing