Apr 2, 2015

AC35 New Rules unveiled & Luna Rossa is Out

Luna Rossa is out of AC35: luna-rossa-challenge.americascup.com

Meanwhile: BAR has linked new rules on their web. Original post at http://ben-ainslie-racing.americascup.com/en/news/143_A-New-Era.html

"...The new boats will be able to achieve speeds of close to 50 miles an hour, far faster than any other current racing series in global sailing, and a match for the 72 foot boats that raced the 34th America’s Cup. The spectator experience and television product will be undiminished, and perhaps even enhanced as the new boats will be much more manoeuvrable and able to engage more closely in the duel that is the America’s Cup.
The new class of boat offers a significant opportunity for the long-term international growth of the sport. The smaller size will offer teams potential savings across the essential build and operational costs, allowing more teams to enter, and increasing the depth of the competition. The organisers have already indicated that a Japanese entry may well result as a consequence of the changes. It will also create a significantly more sustainable and environmentally-friendly event, something that the team have always supported..."

Rules PDF http://ac.mueva.eu/media/files/m377_ac-class-rule-v1.pdf

Later tonight some 3D renders on the new boat size. Now out for a good Easter sail

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